We’re app developers who have had the great fortune to develop applications that gained large amounts of traction – on the scale of millions of users.  We were really frustrated that existing mobile marketing solutions didn’t help us understand and improve user loyalty, engagement, and monetization.   Loyal users directly translate into monetizable users and all of the existing solutions in the market were ineffective and way too expensive.

After an exhaustive market survey, it became clear that all of today’s big data analytics solutions were not going to work. They required a ton of work to set-up and provided little capabilities for analysis or targeting specific user groups. Having to manually segment users given today’s advanced machine learning technologies seemed arcane.  And they seemed to use web based paradigms that were crudely adapted to mobile. All the solutions seemed to take big data and convert it to narrow data, not really adding value and requiring a PhD to interpret the results.  We were clear that there was a need for something better.

As we got deeper down the rabbit hole, we realized that a new approach that combined the different data streams from apps, app stores, customer financials and operations with additional data sets could yield a powerful business intelligence platform for mobile apps.  We quickly developed prototypes that were more informative, secure and efficient than anything else available in the market today.   Looking at the data we were collecting and the types of business recommendations our system produced, we realized we had an opportunity to build a revolutionary platform that makes our team’s marketing and technical acumen available to all app publishers – big and small.

And hence Pyze was born – the first business intelligence platform designed to help all mobile app publishers grow their business.


Posted by Prabhjot Singh