iOS Smart App Agent version 2.0.5 released

iOS SDK v2.0.5 released on January 28 2016

See documentation at for downloading the agent using cocoapods or from github.

What’s new?

  • Documentation updates
  • Added simplified initialization method
[Pyze initialize:@"Pyze App Key obtained from"];
  • Added simplified Log Throttling method
  • Support for Timed Events that are reentrant, thread and block safe, and can be used to time multiple instanced of same event
//started uploading file 1
double timerReference1 = [Pyze getTimerReference];
//started uploading file 2
double timerReference2 = [Pyze getTimerReference];
void (^block)();
block = ^void() {
    //second finished before first
    [PyzeCustomEvent postWithEventName:@“File Uploaded” 
                    withTimerReference: timerReference2];
    //first finished
    [PyzeCustomEvent postWithEventName:@“File Uploaded” 
                    withTimerReference: timerReference1];