Oh what fun!

With a total of 10 hours of sleep in the last 5 days, and after a very illuminating and successful 6 month long beta, the superstar team – on all counts – at Pyze, flipped the switch to the world… and app publishers are coming in.

It took us 2 years to build this Growth Intelligence® and Growth Automation Platform for mobile app publishers, that we are extremely excited about.

Somewhere in Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud data centers, 120 Pyze servers are already singing the algorithms we taught them. The technology is quite hard and we make it available to the fingertips of app publishers and marketers.  We do pack a mean “data scientist in a box”.


Looking forward to next fun steps!


With gratitude and thanks to the Pyze team http://pyze.com/team.html

Posted by Dickey Singh

Dickey Singh is the CEO and co-founder at Pyze and has over two decades of experience in mobile, Big Data and SaaS. He started Pyze to help app publishers engage, retain and grow their mobile users using automation. https://twitter.com/DickeySingh Get Pyze: https://pyze.com