Introducing Pyze Growth Intelligence®

The App Stores are crowded. There are over 3 Million apps on Google Play and the App Store competing for screen time. How do you interact with your users to keep them engaged with your app?

The top apps have big data analytics tools for targeting users and can generate over one million dollars a day while the majority of apps struggle.

Pyze levels the playing field with the first business intelligence platform built to automate the cultivation and growth of loyal users through intelligence-driven marketing. Pyze is custom built for mobile apps and it’s Free!

Pyze automatically clusters across key dimensions like engagement and revenue so you can easily interact with the users that you care about the most. Send push notifications or in-app messages to the right set of users with just a few clicks.

Pyze Growth Automation™  develops touch points with users based on important behavior and usage milestones. Pyze automatically reaches out to users at the time that each user will be most receptive to your message.

Pyze comes with built-in visual intelligence like displaying real time usage across the world, showing the best time to run an install or engagement campaign, or identifying which users are at risk of attrition.

Pyze can help every app achieve product-market fit, develop loyal users, and grow. Till now, only large app publishers have had access to these types of sophisticated intelligence and automated marketing tools.

Pyze is democratizing business intelligence for all app publishers so don’t wait, get started today for Free!

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