Pyze Overview – a video by Melissa

Pyze is the first business intelligence platform built for mobile apps.  Pyze is free and designed to automate the cultivation and growth of loyal users through intelligence-driven marketing.

Before Pyze, app developers only had mobile analytics available to try and understand user behavior through a lot of manual analysis. Publishers had to manually segment their user base, possibly sort thru millions of users, and then set-up campaigns to reach different users. It was a time consuming, expensive, and very inefficient process.

Pyze Growth intelligence automatically clusters the entire user base across key dimensions like engagement and revenue so you can easily identify and interact with the users that you care about the most.  Pyze Growth Automation can start developing touch points with users based on their behavior and interaction milestones.

Pyze contextual marketing determines the best time to reach each app user based on context like location, behavior, and reachability. Pyze also includes a number of visual intelligence services that display real time usage across the world, show the best time to run an install or engagement campaign, and identify which users are at risk of attrition.  Pyze Intelligence can help every app achieve product-market fit faster, develop loyal users consistently, and grow continuously.

Till now, only large app publishers have developed these types of sophisticated intelligence and automated marketing tools.  Pyze is leveling the playing field and democratizing Business Intelligence for everyone by offering this service for free.

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