Pyze Intelligence Explorer

I’ll be walking you thru the Pyze Intelligence Explorer. One of the hardest jobs in app marketing is determining which sets of users to reach out to when and with which message.  Since the users for an app can range from thousands to millions, this is generally a laborious and time intensive process both for developers that have to instrument the app and marketers who need to segment users.

Pyze Intelligence Explorer simplifies this process for both app publishers and developers by automatically clustering users across key dimensions like engagement, revenue, and attrition risk, among other high value metrics.  App publishers can simply start exploring clusters across any dimension and combine matching users across other dimensions to pinpoint the users that are of interest.

Let’s take an example.  This is Acerapp’s Bubble Blaster application.  I’m going to start exploring users who installed the app in February 2016.  Then, I’ll add the engagement dimension to this exploration.  Let’s say I am interested in users who have High Engagement and I’ll also merge in users who have Medium High Engagement.  Now, I’ll add the Stickiness dimension to this exploration.  I can easily see how many of the users who joined in February have high engagement and high stickiness.

I am going to send these users push message invitation to join a tournament Acerapps is running for their most active users next week.  I was able to do in a few clicks what would have taken me days of manual data processing and analysis to achieve without Pyze.

Posted by Dickey Singh

Dickey Singh is the CEO and co-founder at Pyze and has over two decades of experience in mobile, Big Data and SaaS. He started Pyze to help app publishers engage, retain and grow their mobile users using automation. Get Pyze: