A drone is a smartphone that flies —@BenedictEvans

Now there are catchy headings that don’t make sense, but we click on them anyway, right before clicking on that “Back to Facebook” button.  There are headings that are forced, “Its Netflix but for used clothes“, or humorous, “Uber but for piggybacks“.  And there are headings that grab your attention and upon musing, make a ton of sense, like this one. And the internet agrees.  It is not easy to explain something succinctly and powerfully.

App-controlled drones

pyze-app-controlled-drones-2Your app running on a non-flying iOS or Android smartphone is the peripheral brain that controls and configures the drone which is a “smartphone that flies“.

A drone-controlling app must understand the a) drone technographics, b) optional radio transmitter that physically connects to the tablet or phone, and c) itself, the app used to control the drone and attached radio transmitter.

Additional data points that are immensely useful include are preflight and inflight health checks, flight paths and planning, aerial videos and pictures, time-lapse, flying modes, and safety management.  Of course there are many more.

This article talks about various drones used in the industry and what you should track in the app that controls these app-controlled drones, to make the experience for your users much more powerful.

Image source: airware.com and Parrot

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