Pyze Adds User Loyalty and Attrition Management Features to Growth Intelligence Platform, Reducing Churn

Pyze Adds User Loyalty and Attrition Management Features to Growth Intelligence Platform, Reducing Churn

New Enhancements Allow Mobile Marketers and App Publishers to Cultivate Deep Relationships with Users Automatically, Free of Charge

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF. JUNE 22, 2016  Pyze, the first business intelligence platform enabling mobile app publishers of all sizes to maximize app growth and personalize engagement, today announced the addition of two new features – loyalty and attrition management – to its Pyze Growth Intelligence® platform. These new features address the toughest challenges faced today by the mobile app industry – growing and retaining users.

Intelligence Explorer

According to Forrester, a select few apps account for 88 percent of smartphone owners’ total app usage, which means that most app publishers must fight an uphill battle for screen time. App publishers struggle to identify which aspects of their apps create stickiness and which user attributes lead to loyalty or attrition. Without this knowledge, they cannot make informed decisions about which product features to adjust to improve app stickiness, or how to target specific user sets with which messages, based one each user group’s loyalty or attrition rates.

As part of the Pyze Growth Intelligence platform, the Intelligence Explorer uses machine learning to solve both of these problems. It enables real-time exploration to identify patterns and relationships between data, and unveil which user dimension attributes yield various types of app engagement. Such exploratory data analysis typically takes several weeks, as it requires exporting data into disparate systems and expert data scientists to reveal actionable insights. The Intelligence Explorer reduces this timeframe to mere seconds, so marketers can explore and take action on these data sets in real-time.

As of today, the Intelligence Explorer now includes Attrition Risk and Loyalty dimensions that can be combined with previously available dimensions like engagement, recency or revenue to explore the entire user base, whether it’s ten thousand users, ten million or even more. Finding and reaching out to active loyal users in a specific cohort with low revenue is now as easy as identifying attrition risk users who joined two to four months ago.

Growth Automation

Another common challenge faced by mobile marketers and app publishers is engaging with the right users at the right time. To address this challenge, Pyze has added Engagement, Retention, and Resurrection capabilities in Growth Automation to reduce user churn and abandonment by automatically re-engaging with attrition risk users and resurrecting lost users at scale. Based on the data sets identified by the Intelligence Explorer, users can leverage the Growth Automation to engage with users based on workflows defined by behavior, actions and milestones.

Together, the Intelligence Explorer and Growth Automation tools enable mobile marketers and app publishers to create meaningful relationships with users based on automated, customizable interactions.

Availability and Pricing

These new features are included in the core Pyze Growth Intelligence platform, which recently debuted in March 2016. Pyze Growth Intelligence is generally available free of charge, offering the same capabilities for which other vendors charge thousands of dollars per month.


“Deep understanding of user behavior that leads to loyalty or attrition has been a highly desired feature by our customers,” said Dickey Singh, co-founder and CEO of Pyze. “We’re excited to integrate these new capabilities into our platform to not just provide deeper exploration across the entire user base, but also enable our customers to re-engage attrition-risk users and retain loyal users in the free ‘game changer’ tier. Today’s announcement provides the sophisticated marketing services all app publishers need to be successful in the app store.”

“We’re extremely excited about the ability to explore loyalty and attrition through the Intelligence Explorer to understand which product enhancements can make our apps stickier,” said Nav Sandhu, CEO of Terafyle, a fast-growing service that allows users to manage media and content between remote computers and cloud storage services. “The churn reduction capabilities being added to Pyze Growth Automation are extremely helpful in re-engaging at risk users. Until now, we’ve been doing a fair amount of manual analysis to identify users who have stopped using our app and then used third party tools to build campaigns for engaging those users.”

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Founded in 2013, Pyze is the first business intelligence platform empowering all mobile app publishers to maximize growth and personalize engagement. Pyze provides behavior-based real-time insights and automated touch points to build a meaningful relationship with each user – all without the time, effort and cost required by today’s big data analytics solutions. Pyze delivers intelligence-driven marketing and recommendations to cultivate loyalty, increase engagement and grow monetization. Pyze is headquartered in Redwood City, CA. Connect with us at, on Twitter @PyzeInc, our blog or Facebook.


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