Product Management and it’s future

While software continues to eat the world, and the business plans of the next 10,000 startups can be forecasted by adding Artificial intelligence, Mokriya put together some slides that summarize product management and it’s future, which made us think of Product-Market fit at mobile scale and how Pyze helps mobile apps achieve product market fit faster.  More on that later below, but what is product management?

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What is the future of Product Management?

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The core objective of Product management is simply to ship a product that is of value to the users.

You ship a product of value when you have achieved Product/Market fit

Apps do not attain product/market fit without iteration

Marc Andreessen wrote about product/market almost 10 years ago, saying product/market fit is the only thing that matters.  Further, product/market fit does not come instantly – It requires iterations of defining and measuring objectives, and continuously

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Iterative approach in achieving product/market fit is key to app success

Product/Market fit at Mobile scale

Apps have to iterate faster, learn from those iterations faster and apply those learnings instantly.   Tracking, measurement and analytics is a good start but it does not take a winning app over the finish line.

Even premium analytics and marketing products require experts to decipher data, are expensive, are based on a-priori or predetermined segmentation, and fail at mobile-scale.  It is easy for an app to have millions of users and at this mobile scale both ability to explore large datasets in realtime, and behavioral intelligence driven automation to onboard users, retain engage and grow them becomes a necessity.  

How Pyze helps

Pyze Growth Intelligence can help every app achieve product-market fit faster, develop loyal users consistently, and grow continuously.  For instance, Intelligence Explorer uses exploratory data-science to quickly explore behavioral intelligence in seconds and Growth Automation, allows apps to automate the on-boarding, activation, retention, engagement and growth of your app’s user base.

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