Keith O’Brien, the Editorial Director of DMNews, asked a number of data providers about a data point that they think clients should be aware of, or focused on. Basically, a data point everyone will be talking about in the future.  Keith selected three data points and summarized them in his article Three datapoints in the horizon. 

Pyze cofounder and CEO, Dickey Singh was quoted on July 1, 2016 in Keith’s article.


From DMNews:

Dickey Singh
Cofounder and CEO, Pyze

Data Point
Composite User Value

What It Means

Most data points like usage, engagement, retention, and revenue aren’t adequate to make decisions because they provide a limited perspective. Further, metrics that work for one client, usually do not work for other clients. With the advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, a composite metric can be determined for specific services based on metrics that make sense for a service.

We propose the “Composite User Value” metric. Clients should look to the “Composite User Value” to understand the characteristics of their user base. The composite value could be based on engagement, lifetime, value, and retention for one service, referrals, net total of positive/negative experiences and location for another service or app.

We use a number of behavioral attributes to arrive at a “Composite User Value” which is individualized to a specific app. We use machine learning on a combination of app-defined and auto-discovered attributes. This enables us to develop a custom definition of Composite User Value for each app and gives app publishers a roadmap of the specific areas of focus to make their app successful.

Dickey earlier blogged about maintaining a net total of positive/negative experiences to make decisions.  His other blog posts can be found here.

Here is the original article by Keith O’Brien, the Editorial Director of DMNews. |

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