iOS Smart App Agent version 2.4.1 released

We released a new version of our iOS Smart App Agent.

Pyze Smart App Agent for iOS version 2.4.1

iOS SDK 2.4.1 released!

What’s new?

The release includes a number of bug fixes for

  • In-App Notifications
  • screen flow calculations for apps that crashed and / or terminated by OS in low memory conditions
  • Growth Automation, and
  • In-App Message display on iPad without call-to-actions or images.

This is a recommended release and can be updated using pod update.

$  cd /path/to/your/awesome/project 
$  pod update

What was released in previous version of Pyze Smart App Agent for iOS (version 2.3.4)

We added improved support for In-App Notifications.  In-app notifications allow app publishers to reach out to app users when they use your app.

In-App Notifications are deeply integrated in Pyze Growth Intelligence and allow app publishers to reach out to users from manually from Event Sequences and Intelligence Explorer, and automatically based on workflows and campaigns from Growth Automation.

Read all about how to enable In-App Notifications in iOS

Reach out from Event Sequences
Select a template, add image, title, call to action buttons and message and reach out to users

The SDK adds the following methods in The Pyze Class:

  • +addBadge:
  • +showUnreadInAppNotificationUI:withDelegate:
  • +showInAppNotificationUI:
  • +countNewUnFetched:
  • +getMessageHeadersForType:
  • +getMessageBodyWithCampaignID:

We have added support for custom images, buttons and Universal links (introduced in iOS9 to complement deep links).  Web Links ( Universal links ( or deep links to your own app (myAwesomeApp://getPyzeToday) or other apps (twitter://user?screen_name=pyzeinc) are all supported.

Web, Universal and deep links to your own app and other apps are supported.

Read all about how to enable In-App Notifications in iOS

Sample code:

class ViewController { 
    override func viewDidLoad() { 
         super.viewDidLoad() Pyze.addBadge(self.showMessagesButton) //1 

@IBAction func didTapShowMessage(sender: AnyObject) { 
    Pyze.showUnreadInAppNotificationUI(self, withDelegate: self) //2 

func didUserClickedOnInAppMessageButtonWithID(buttonID: Int, 
   buttonTitle title: String, containingURLInfo urlInfo: 
   AnyObject, withDeepLinkStatus status: PyzeDeepLinkStatus) { 
       NSLog("Button Index: %d, Title: %@, 
           deep link %@", Int(buttonID), title!, urlInfo)