Pyze Introduces Hypergrowth Tier for Mobile Apps at Disruptive Price

Pyze Introduces Hypergrowth Tier for Mobile Apps at Disruptive Price

Offers Advanced Growth Intelligence at $99 per Month; Adds Support for Unity’s Game Development Software

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Aug. 23, 2016 – Pyze,the first intelligence and marketing platform enabling mobile app publishers of all sizes to maximize growth through personalized engagement and experience, today added a new tier of services to its Growth Intelligence® platform. The new Pyze Hypergrowth tier is available to customers at a disruptive price of only $99 per month for apps with up to one million monthly active users. In addition, the company also announced support for Unity, the most popular game development platform, across all tiers.

News Facts

  • The mobile app store’s ever-increasing competition, even since the start of 2016, puts app publishers under enormous pressure to create engaging, personalized experiences in order to sustain long term app growth.
  • The Pyze Hypergrowth tier utilizes advanced intelligence to automatically segment users based on a multitude of behavioral attributes and engages each user individually to foster usage, retention and app monetization.
  • The Pyze Hypergrowth tier is available immediately starting at $99 per month for apps with up to one million monthly active users, while competing solutions cost thousands of dollars per month with limited capabilities. This disruptive pricing is possible because the Pyze platform is built on top of open source technologies, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to significantly scale intelligence-driven insights at a fraction of the cost of other implementations.
  • Pyze has also added support for Unity, the most popular multiplatform game development platform with millions of registered developers across iOS and Android, available out-of-the-box across all tiers.

Pyze Hypergrowth Tier Key Features

  • App-defined Dimensions enable app publishers to now include app-defined categorizations of users in segment-less data explorations via the Intelligence Explorer and initiate personalized actions based on their level of usage or loyalty. For example, compare engagement and loyalty of seasonal ticket holders vs. single-game buyers.
  • Personalization Intelligence enables app publishers to deliver unique content and experiences to each user based on their behavior, usage, preferences and social graph. Publishers can utilize Pyze Intelligence to create custom experiences for different groups of users. For example, apps can now offer individualized experiences to user groups such as Novice, Expert, Dormant, High Value, Whales, or app publisher defined user groups.
  • Revenue Intelligence empowers users to market to customers based on recent or lifetime revenue and purchases, without creating segments and integrate these high value metrics in segment-less data explorations via the Intelligence Explorer.
  • For more details on what the Pyze Hyper Growth tier includes a free 30-day trial, please visit:


“The gap between poor and good apps is continuously shrinking, yet the gap between good and great apps is growing,” said Dickey Singh, co-founder and CEO of Pyze. “Great apps appeal to users’ emotions with relevant personalized experiences, which has a significant impact on engagement, retention, satisfaction and, ultimately, growth and success. The Pyze Hypergrowth tier is the next stepping stone on the path to closing the wealth inequality gap in the mobile app market.”

“Personalization based on context and behavior is critical to long term retention and success for any service,” said Maribel Lopez, founder of Lopez Research, and author of the John Wiley and Son’s book Right-time Experiences. “As apps start to face off against bots, companies need to build contextual right-time experiences that deliver the right information, to the right user, at the right time, on their device of choice.”

“The depth of intelligence that Pyze delivers is essential to growing our apps, as it allows us to engage with users in a personalized way,” said Edwin Leong, co-founder of Acer Apps, a popular publisher of entertainment apps. “It would be virtually impossible for us to manually perform these tasks at scale. App monetization is vital to our success, and with Pyze, we now we have the highly advanced insights we need to create a unique and optimal experience for each and every user to stay engaged with our apps.”

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About Pyze

Founded in 2013, Pyze is the first business intelligence platform empowering all mobile app publishers to maximize growth and personalize engagement. Now supporting over 500 apps, Pyze provides behavior-based real-time insights and automated touch points to build a meaningful relationship with each user – all without the time, effort and cost required by today’s big data analytics solutions. Pyze delivers intelligence-driven marketing and recommendations to cultivate loyalty, increase engagement and grow monetization. Pyze is headquartered in Redwood City, CA. Connect with us at, on Twitter @PyzeInc, our blog or Facebook.


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