Video: Pyze Hypergrowth Tier

Video: Pyze Hypergrowth Tier

Here is a video and transcript of the press release from Tuesday:  Pyze Introduces Hypergrowth Tier for Mobile Apps at Disruptive Price

Pyze is helping hundreds of apps achieve product-market fit, develop loyal users, and grow. Until now, only large apps have had access to sophisticated intelligence and marketing capabilities to drive usage, retention, and revenue.

Pyze already enables apps to develop meaningful relationships with users through automated engagement and behavior-based auto segmentation to enable precise targeting of users.

Pyze just launched its Hyper Growth tier, with even more advanced services designed to shoot apps into the clouds.

Personalization Intelligence enables delivery of unique content and experiences to each user based on behavior, usage, preferences and social graph.

Revenue Intelligence allows inclusion of recent revenue and purchases as well as user life time value into intelligence explorations.

App-defined Dimensions can convert any app specific event into a behavioral attribute for auto segmentation. For example, a ticketing app can differentiate between season ticket holders and discount buyers in revenue or engagement analysis.

Pyze is democratizing Business Intelligence for all apps, so don’t wait, get started today for Free! | get Pyze today