AMA6: Mobile – Future, Challenges & App categories

This blog post is part of a recent AMA hosted at Sean Ellis’,  with Prabhjot Singh, cofounder + President at We are fans of Sean Ellis and wrote about why Growth Hackers need Growth Intelligence.

Martín Medina: What are you most excited about regarding the future of mobile growth?

Mobile is already having a significant impact in our lives today. Mobile will disrupt a lot of industries as I mentioned in response to Arsene’s question (AMA5) but what gets me most excited is the opportunity Mobile presents to globally enhance Education and tear down the digital divide.

Advances in deep learning, artificial intelligence and conversational user interfaces are making our mobile devices much more accessible and user friendly than ever before.

Martín Medina: What are some challenges you face when working in the mobile space?

The biggest challenge in working on the mobile space is getting above the noise in the app store. Just because you build it and the app store has billions of users does not mean they will come. The app world is getting more and more competitive and the app store is getting more and more corporatized. In the early days, it was easy for any indie app developer to become successful. However, today, the big guys are running the Board. So, building and launching a new app has to be done methodically, leveraging core app design and app growth principles so you get to product-market fit quickly and start to scale the app.

Martín Medina: What are some categories of apps that you have seen that are most popular? What kinds of apps are your favorite to work with?

I don’t discriminate when it comes to apps. I have worked with apps across games, educational, social, m-commerce. Each app is unique in what it takes to make it successful and achieve product-market fit.

I love that challenge.