AMA8: Personalizing experience & engagement

This blog post is part of a recent AMA hosted at Sean Ellis’,  with Prabhjot Singh, cofounder + President at We are fans of Sean Ellis and wrote about why Growth Hackers need Growth Intelligence.

Question by Jesse Dawson: Can you speak to personalization in apps. What type of personalization strategies do you recommend and what differences can they make in growing an app’s userbase?

Personalization is critical for success in today’s hyper-competitive app world. This is one of the key things that separates the super successful apps from the rest of the pack.

I look at personalization in two ways:

  1. personalizing experience and
  2. personalizing engagement.

Personalization should be based on each individual user’s’ behaviors, preferences, social graph data, locations and context. This effort has a significant impact on engagement, retention and satisfaction, and is the key differentiator between great and good apps.

Regarding experience, App Publishers and Marketers can personalize

  1. user interfaces,
  2. content feeds,
  3. user experiences,
  4. all communication messages,
  5. feature and product promotions, and
  6. In-App purchase promotions,

uniquely to each user. See Pyze Personalization Intelligence.

For example, apps should offer individualized experiences to Experts vs. Novice Users, High Value vs. Dormant Users, etc.

As another example, if I am either new to an app or have not used the app for an extended period of time, I can be shown a simpler wizard-like user interface, but If use the app every day, I may prefer an advanced spreadsheet-like interface.

Regarding engagement, it’s critical for an app to develop a meaningful relationship with each user. The apps that I use often, regularly interact with me, without spamming me.

So, it’s important to personalize engagement with each user based on their life-cycle, milestones or behavior so you can drive desired actions.  See Pyze Growth Automation.

I recommend reading this blog behavioral intelligence for marketers for context.