Hours spent on Gaming and Messaging to continue increasing

Technology and media consumption is predicted to increase across all formats by 2020, with most of the increase in messaging and gaming, according to Activate research published on the Wall Street Journal.

By 2020, Gaming time will more than double, fueled by e-sports and messaging will grow faster than social media

Gaming and Messaging to out grow Social Media


Music and Video growth rate to slow compared to Gaming and Messaging.

People listen to music and watch videos when multitasking

Music time will grow as ambient technology becomes pervasive and Video time will moderate.

Music and Video are top multitasking activities in 2016

People listen to music when they are commuting, working out during personal care and watch videos when eating or drinking.

Cumulative Video and Music consumption is in billions of minutes per week.

Users spend total of

  • 55 billion minutes watching You Tube videos
  • 51 billion minutes on Facebook (including Instagram and WhatsApp)
  • 22 billion minutes listening to Pandora
  • 8 billion minutes watching Netflix


Source: Wall Street Journal

Posted by Dickey Singh

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