Month: December 2016

App Transport Security (ATS) switchover for iOS 10 apps extended by Apple

Although Apple has extended the deadline for ATS switchover, it is highly recommended app developers and publishers use services that support ATS.

Gartner lists Pyze as a leader in Usage and Behavioral Analytics Mobile App Analytics

Gartner: Pyze listed as a leader in Behavioral Analytics Adrian Leow, Melissa Davis, Jason Wong Published: 14 December 2016 ID: G00292278 Gartner Report: Market Guide for […]

App and Web eCommerce performance and revenue

Speedier website or mobile app is becoming more critical every year in digital commerce.

Your app’s growth is correlated to how it uses resources

A single negative experience a user has with your app can have serious consequences like uninstalls and bad reviews on the app store.

VentureBeat: Pyze unveils 2.0 platform for understanding and marketing to users

Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat wrote about Pyze 2.0 yesterday.  The article is included here verbatim. DEAN TAKAHASHI  DECEMBER 13, 2016 5:30 AM TAGS: DICKEY SINGH, INTELLIGENCE, MARKETING, PYZE Pyze is unveiling […]

Introducing Pyze Growth Intelligence 2.0

Pyze Unveils Growth Intelligence 2.0 for Mobile, Web and Native Applications Unified View Across All Channels Enables Holistic Understanding of User Behavior REDWOOD CITY, Calif. […]

Going Beyond the Vanity Metrics

A number of metrics get written off and ignored as “Vanity Metrics.” The key is ability to separate out the chest-thumping metrics usually used for reporting growth, from actionable metrics.

Tracking unique active users & stickiness factor to grow your business

DAU, MAU and Stickiness Factor are useful to track growth. The metrics however have to be calculated correctly to be meaningful.

New vs. returning users is black & white – Newness lends color

Marketers should not treat all Returning users of mobile or web apps similarly. How long ago did they become users is an important metric for engagement marketing.