Integrating Pyze with Mobile Wallets to deliver Personalized Offers

More and more organizations are leveraging Mobile Wallets as part of their customer engagement strategy. This makes a lot of sense since we’re doing more and more shopping using our mobile devices.

Pyze provides the ability to deliver customized offers to customers, directly into their favorite wallet. When you execute a campaign, simply use In-app messaging to deliver a custom key-value pair as the Call to Action. You can use this technique to specify the type of wallet, the offer code, and even attributes like expiration date, etc.  Your dev team simply has to call the appropriate Wallet API based on the campaign and you can directly update the passes inside the appropriate wallet. It’s that easy.

Now, you can include Mobile wallets as a channel to deliver targeted offers to users in addition to using Push notifications, In-app messages, Email, Web Push, and SMS. Learn more about Pyze omni-channel campaigns here.