Maximize User Registrations With Onboarding Messages

Living in a fast-paced world means juggling countless life events at every moment. People often forget about certain tasks at hand when they aren’t brought to our attention in a timely manner.

The same is more true about the digital world. Smartphone users are spending more and more time in apps than they have in years past. The latest research suggests that on average, users access over 30 apps on a monthly basis. In most cases, an app’s stickiness is dependent on users signing up or completing a registration flow. But as we all know, life in the digital world can be just as chaotic as in the offline world. After just a few minutes of app engagement, it’s easy for users to become distracted, resulting in users failing to register or re-engage.

When Is the Wrong Time to Ask for Registration?

It’s often appealing for web or app publishers to require registration as soon as the app is installed or when a user visits a website for the first time. The objective almost always is to use the act of registration as a gate to provide access to content. However, one has to ensure that you’ve shown users the value of registration else the conversion rate will be extremely low. If the app is relatively new, one should delay asking for registration as long as possible before communicating to the user the extra value in registering.

When Is the Right Time to Ask for Registration?

This is one of the most challenging questions for app publishers today. If done improperly or at the wrong time, it may cause users to churn. And when users churn, app publishers put forth twice the work to get them back.

The most effective way to determine the best time to ask for Registration is by testing and experimenting with the content and timing of onboarding messages. Pyze lets you reach new users directly and bring them back into the registration flow, either through Push notifications, in-app messages, SMS, Web Push or email. We believe it’s important for campaigns to be platform agnostic – if a user begins their registration process on a mobile app, they may want to complete it on a web app. It often also takes more than a single message to onboard a new user so its best to experiment with different points in a user’s journey to get them to register. Pyze provides Activations based campaigns that can be used to automate onboarding messages or reminders at specific intervals.

Nudge, Nudge, Nudge 

Users tend to wander around an app not having any specific direction or focus in mind. Rather than letting users fend for themselves, its best to nudge or guide them through each step of the registration flow. App publishers should create clear campaign pathways which include personalized touches specific to each user. Some methods include:

  • Reminder messages at regular intervals using onboarding campaigns, event-based campaigns, or Activation campaigns
  • Personalizing messages to lead users directly to the next step in the registration flow
  • Sending messages to users who haven’t completed the process
Fun | Enlightening | Relevant

For some apps, registration is an obvious requirement for accessing critical functionality. In all other cases, users need to see value in registering. Publishers should push their users towards features that require signing in with fun, enlightening, and relevant tips. These tips should be short and to the point, while focusing on a goal new users may achieve.

Some examples include:

  • Did you know you can save items to your wishlist?
  • Receive curated playlists after completing your profile.
  • Sign up for exclusive access to member discounts!

At the right moment, the most effective tips draw in users with something they’re likely to want to use. With Pyze’s Dynamic Campaigns, run targeted campaigns against defined user sets through push notifications, in-app messages, emails, web pushes or other channels.

Engage Users On Autopilot

Driven by behavioral intelligence, usage milestones, and key user actions, Pyze’s Intuitive Campaigns allow app publishers to develop deep relationships with users through meaningful touchpoints. Set up trigger campaigns based on specific actions to engage users during timely moments (such as Sign-up, Purchase, etc.). Each message guides the user further toward completion of any process. Once users complete the sign-up of registration flow, they can automatically be added to another campaign to enable them to achieve the next milestone desired by the App publisher.