Pyze Announces Cross-platform Analytics Partnership with Neptune Software to Ensure Successful Delivery of Enterprise Application Projects

Pyze, the leader in embeddable AI-driven cross-platform user analytics, announced a partnership with NEPTUNE SOFTWARE, a leading provider of low code application development software.

Pyze and Neptune Software have developed an easy to deploy integration that enables Neptune Software customers to measure user and product analytics, conduct AI-based segmentation and deliver multi-channel notifications across all app platforms.

Enterprises are embracing Multi-Experience Development Platforms (MXDP) and Industry Analysts predict that over the next Decade over 50% of all Enterprise Apps will be developed using these platforms. As Enterprises develop mobile apps, progressive web apps, and conversational apps, cross-platform usage and workflow analytics are imperative to ensure effective delivery and productivity. MXDP’s like Neptune Software excel at enabling the development of unified experiences across legacy back-ends, ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle, as well as cloud-based software such as Salesforce.

“We are excited to partner with Pyze to enhance the quality of applications being developed using Neptune across both web and mobile platforms,” said Martin Beringer, CEO North America for Neptune Software. We are seeing strong demand for deeper application and user analytics in both the development and production app lifecycles and this partnership will enable our applications to deliver greater value and enhance end-user productivity. Neptune customers now have visibility into specific application metrics that are critical in monitoring business processes, and can aggregate these metrics across functional areas or business units, to measure and increase the ROI of their applications.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with a leading Multi-Experience Development platform like Neptune to ensure the success of their customers’ mobilization initiatives,” said Prabhjot Singh, CEO of Pyze. “There is growing investment in MXDPs to mobilize business services but CXOs are struggling to evaluate the success of their investments and Pyze can help to maximize the productivity gains of mobilizing back end services. Pyze integration with Neptune provides Enterprises visibility into user execution of specific business processes across mobile and web, online and offline transactions, and critical business metrics.”

About Neptune Software
Neptune Software is a leading provider of low-code, rapid application development software that standardizes app development and integrates with any cloud, any backend and any architecture, giving enterprises the freedom and flexibility to deliver an award-winning and unified digital user experience anywhere for their users across mobile, desktop and offline. Neptune Software services more than 2,000,000 licensed end users across more than 40 countries, with global headquarters in Oslo, Norway, and around the world in Florida, Hamburg, London, Palo Alto, Shanghai, and Texas.

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About Pyze
Pyze is the leading AI-driven cross-platform analytics and engagement solution that can be embedded into any application. Pyze utilizes automated cross-device user behavior tracking, segmentation, and Omni-channel notifications to optimize application workflows for greater productivity. Pyze is trusted by over 50,000 customers and deployed on over 300,000 mobile and web applications across the world. For more information, visit Pyze at

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