Pyze and Green Lemon Company Announce Reseller & Delivery Partnership

As a leading partner in the OutSystems ecosystem, the Green Lemon Company understands the importance of continual innovation, research, and augmentation. Their innovation and R&D programs constantly challenge and augment delivery processes and keep them at the leading edge of low-code realization.

With commercial agreements signed off last week, we are excited to announce that the Green Lemon Company became the UK’s first reseller of the Pyze technology.


Green Lemon Company CEO, Matt Thompsett

“Once in a while a terrific product connects with our strategy for OutSystems to give a step-change in capability, Pyze is one such product. We are thrilled to be Pyze’s first UK partner reseller for this powerful technology.”




Pyze CEO, Prabhjot Singh:

“We’re ecstatic to add Green Lemon as a partner to enrich the business impact of Application projects. I’m impressed by their innovative service delivery approach to low code applications and adding a Pyze analytics practice will make their customer’s projects even more successful.”



Green Lemon was actively seeking specialist technologies to enhance their capabilities and through this search they found Pyze. Their ultimate goal is to deploy the Pyze solution as part of OutSystems applications, in order to deliver personalization and engagement fuelled by sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities available to marketing, product managers, and data analysts.

We are very much looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship!