5 Can’t Miss Sessions at PegaWorld


In the wake of COVID-19 many major conferences are shifting to digital formats. The online conference presents the opportunity to learn, connect, and grow from the comfort of your own home. Free doesn’t always mean valuable, so how do you make the most of these online conferences? On June 2nd Pegasystems will be taking their yearly PegaWorld event online.

The conference agenda is broken into three sections, the keynote series, innovation hub sessions, and insights and solutions presentations. To make things simple for you, we highlighted 5 sessions for product owners and business analysts leading their company with low-code digital transformation.


Don’t just Talk, Transform: Surviving and Thriving in a Disrupted world

COVID-19 has disrupted and distributed working teams overnight. Hear from Siemens AG Global IT Head, Anna Gleiss and Pega’s SVP of Product, Kerim Akgonul discuss the future of digital transformation by building apps faster and at scale on the Pega Platform. Cost cutting and cost transformation are key objectives of CIOs and their teams. This session should give great insight into cost effective ways to scale during COVID-19.

Innovation Hub – Live Build

Live Build: Data & Integrations

A modern connected IT environment relies on integration that allows for seamless business process automation and access to key data that will drive application effectiveness. Watch the live demonstration to learn how to connect front-end experiences to back-end systems using DX APIs.

Live Build: Low Code

Low-code application development is the future of fast cost effective digital transformation. As low-code analytics fanatics we are excited to see an application built on the Pega Platform during this session. With point and click application development you can empower your business users to make applications and processes that are designed with their workflow in mind.

Insights & Solutions

Low-Code and RPA Are Not Low IT

Whether you are building applications for excellent customer experiences or automating business processes internally, IT takes a leadership role. We know that product owners need data and analytics to successfully lead organizations. In this session you can learn how IT leaders across industries are driving change within their organizations and meeting dynamic business needs of the “Corneconomy.”

Google Protects their Network Services Workforce with Metro Partition Solution

Over the last few months we have seen several companies implement low-code applications to manage their distributed workforce. Even large scale tech giants like Google are taking advantage of the low-code rapid application development capabilities. We are excited to hear how Google uses the Pega Platform and low-code applications to protect their remote network services teams from virus cross-contamination.

Like what you see at PegaWorld? Let’s talk about how you can measure success with your next low-code implementation. Schedule a usage analytics consultation.