Pyze Product and Feature updates – December 2020

Save time and track progress with Saved Funnels

Conversion Funnels in pyze are an important tool to track the user journey through important steps in your application. You can create funnels from user actions across your app, spanning across platforms, or even across disparate applications. Use funnels to understand where users drop off and how critical certain steps are to get to the conversion goal. With funnels, it’s easy to evaluate the effectiveness of a business process at the level of the entire use base, a segment, or down to an individual user.

Did you know that you can save funnels? Once you’ve created a funnel that you want to track, Hit the save button, and your save funnels will show up under “Saved Funnels” 

Saved Funnels allow you to quickly re-run and load the important funnels for your application or use case, and make it easy to track changes over time.

User Behaviour Metrics in Data Insights

We enabled three new Metrics in Data Insights, which were brought in from the User Behaviour Tool

App Usage Time: Average or Total time users are spending in the app 

Screen Usage Time: Average or Total time users are spending on a specific URL

Screen Visits: Average or Total time users visited a specific URL

You can still easily track these metric in user behaviour, but now that they are available in data insights you can slice-and-dice them by any of the Standard or custom Groupings. This can be really powerful to understand what kinds of users are visiting which pages in your application.

Weekly Cohorts

We released a minor update to the Cohorts tool, which now allows you to track Retention across Days, weeks, or Months so you can understand how your users are returning to your app according to when they first started.

“All Events” in Data Insights

Data Insights has a great new addition with “All Events” as an option when you are investigating custom events in your application.

With the addition of All events, combined with a grouping of “Event or Screen Name” you can quickly get a high-level feel for your data, and save time understanding where you need to drill in to solve your business problems.

The “All Events” overview, can also be combined with Profile data, to further understand your users behaviour based not only on who they are, but what they are doing in the applications you are tracking with Pyze. 

New Platform: Salesforce Lightning

We now support direct SDK analytics for Salesforce Lightning Application and Salesforce Lightning Aura Components. This new integration leverages our existing Javascript agent, and does not require the installation of any salesforce component. With just a couple lines of code, you can start capturing all the great Automated Metrics supported by our SDK, add custom events, and really start understanding how performance and usability of your lightning applications.

Check out the salesforce documentation to get started today

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Recent Pyze Updates

  • Released version 01.01.04 of the Pega Systems Agent
    • Added support for a wider variety of automated data capture in Pega Apps
  • Released version 1.0.2 of the Outsystems Traditional Web agent
    • Better error handling and improved Performance
  • Released the latest version of the pyze.js javascript agent
    • Bug Fixes and minor improvements to GDPR request handling