Creating a Data-Driven Culture with Pyze and OutSystems

Colliers International is innovating at record speed using Pyze and OutSystems to build data-driven products for its 15,000+ strong workforce. Simon Chester, Senior Manager at Colliers International’s Digital Factory published a Blog that demonstrates how Colliers is embedding Pyze at a platform level to ensure a data-drive culture.

With Pyze, Colliers is able to invest in the projects that deliver the greatest business value and ensure they can continuously improve existing application to deliver greater ROI.

If You Can Measure It, You Can Improve It

Once we validated the capabilities, we released a prototype to one department. We connected Pyze to understand the features of interest to our people and their pathways through the application. Through Pyze, we learned early on that users were only accessing the app once or twice a month. Based on usage data, we focused on capabilities that would drive daily relevance.