Pyze and Pega Partner to Release Low-Code Process Intelligence and Business Value Analytics

Increase efficiency of Pega processes and maximize business value at every step in the workflow with Pyze’s out-of-the-box, low-code solution for Pega applications. By modeling end-to-end processes across Pega and legacy systems, you’ll be able to identify inefficient workflows, process bottlenecks, activity hotspots, and opportunities for automation. Pyze Low-Code Process Intelligence and Business Value Analytics automatically discovers all process flows and provides the ability to visually explore the best and worst-performing workflows in terms of business value.


  • Increases business value of modernization initiatives by identifying existing process debt
  • Requires minimal effort to deploy
  • Reduces cost of process execution
  • Increases user productivity at each step and identifies training needs
  • Exposes automation, workflow architecture, and UX redesign opportunities

Key Features

Pyze Low-Code Process Intelligence and Business Value Analytics will help your business:

  • Automatically infer business process definitions and generate appropriate models and relevant dashboards without any end customer configuration
  • Aggregate process efficiency metrics across Pega and legacy applications
  • Visualize execution of business processes at each stage, compare efficiency of workflows, and identify bottlenecks
  • Identify best and worst performing workflows in terms of cost, elapsed time, and other segmentations
  • Surface anomalies, trends, patterns, and new optimizations with real-time, AI-driven monitoring of workflows

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