Pyze Smart App Agent Alpha versions released (iOS 0.9 and Android 0.91)

Monday, August 10 2015 iOS SDK version 0.9 Android SDK version 0.91 We are excited to release the first alpha versions of both the iOS and […]

Pyze + Slack = Customer Feedback

Pyze + Slack We love Slack and can’t say enough good things about how it has helped us in keeping collaboration effortless within the Pyze team. We started […]

Hello: My name is Pyze

Why we named Pyze, Pyze? Early on, we wanted to bring data-science and intelligence to the fingertips of the two-guys in a garage building the next […]

Why We Started Pyze!

We’re app developers who have had the great fortune to develop applications that gained large amounts of traction – on the scale of millions of […]