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Your app’s growth is correlated to how it uses resources

A single negative experience a user has with your app can have serious consequences like uninstalls and bad reviews on the app store.

What makes apps desirable?

What makes an app stop us at our tracks and causes us to pause and be amazed? What did Apple look for when awarding the 2016 Design awards and do users look for the same?

Mobile Messaging: Yesterday vs. today & tomorrow

Mobile Messaging: Yesterday vs. today & tomorrow. Messaging between people and with roBOTs. Messaging Apps are the most used and most engaging apps – even […]

Growth Hackers Need ♥

Growth Hackers need Growth Intelligence Growth hackers have an Herculean task that when done right can make a product successful. Growth hacking is part art […]

App-controlled drones

App-controlled drones Creating a killer drone app A drone controlling app must understand the drone technographics, optional radio transmitter that physically connects to the tablet […]