Behavioral Intelligence for marketers

Behavioral Intelligence is utilizing user behavior to influence actions to achieve desired outcomes. This article on Behavioral Intelligence and how it relates to advanced and automated segmentation was recently published on the Pyze website under articles.


Curated iOS resources for developers – updated

Pyze maintains curated resources for developers.  We updated the resources a couple of months back and removed resources that are outdated.  Some dated but useful resources […]


Requesting personal user data in apps

Users have to explicitly grant permissions to iOS and Android apps so the apps can have access to a user’s personal and private data.  The […]


Video: Pyze Hypergrowth Tier

Pyze just launched its Hyper Growth tier with Personalization Intelligence, Revenue Intelligence and App-defined Dimensions to convert any event to a behavioral attribute for auto segmentation.


Pyze Introduces Hypergrowth Tier for Mobile Apps at Disruptive Price

Offers Advanced Growth Intelligence at $99 per Month; Adds Support for Unity’s Game Development Software

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The app market, competition and disparity between apps is growing

The explosive growth, fierce completion and the huge disparity continue and are expected to continue. Apps with data and intelligence are winning while the majority struggles.


Videos: Integrate Pyze in 2048 iOS app

Integrating Pyze in the iOS 2048 app Here is a short 4 minute video of Eli Kirmayer integrating Pyze in the 2048 iOS app. For more information […]

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99 penny gap & premium apps

Users pay for quality apps and app publishers should consider if charging for apps is right for them.

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Desktop Ad blocking wars; Is Mobile next?

Over the last few days Adblock Plus and Facebook have been outdoing each other in a game that The Register summarized as “Adblock Plus blocks Facebook […]


Grow your apps by riding on the coattails of iOS 10 & Android Nougat launch

Timing your app’s release or update to coincide with iOS 10 and Android 7.0 Nougat launch can be advantageous to app publishers.


iOS Smart App Agent version 2.5.1 released

We released a new version of our iOS Smart App Agent. Pyze Smart App Agent for iOS version 2.5.0 and 2.5.1 iOS SDK 2.5.1 released! What’s […]


Android Smart App Agent version 2.4.0 released

We released a new version of our Android Smart App Agent. Pyze Smart App Agent for Android version 2.4.0 Android SDK 2.4.0 released! What’s new? The release includes bug […]


4 Ways Pokémon Go Masters the Viral Loop

Pokémon Go exploded seemingly overnight. The augmented reality app’s astoundingly rapid success is due, at least in part, to its mastery of “viral loop” marketing.


How Flashy Perks Can Ruin a Young Startup

Established companies lure employees by offering perks. But, keeping up with the Joneses can backfire, for early stage startups.

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How games make money using behavioral intelligence

Behavioral psychology is not new to games, and has been used in commerce, games, retail, search, sales and almost every highly competitive field. published a video outlining how app publishers make money using behavioral intelligence.