New vs. returning users is black & white – Newness lends color

Marketers should not treat all Returning users of mobile or web apps similarly. How long ago did they become users is an important metric for engagement marketing.


Customer App Profile: TheRightMargin – Influencing users to complete signups

TheRighMargin (TRM) is a web app and has developed an intuitive on-boarding process that relies on a question/answer approach with positive feedback to influence users to finish the signup process and writing projects.


Pyze is growing & has moved! Stop by for T-shirt

Pyze has moved to a slightly larger space We just moved a few blocks to our new address: 585 Broadway Street, Redwood City, California 94063 […]


Customer App Profile: CoverPocket – Personalizing Onboarding

Customer App Profile: Pyze discussed onboarding experiences with CoverPocket and how they significantly increased engagement, retention and conversion for users.


App Monetization Strategies in 2016

As the level of competition in the app market continues to increase, the monetization strategies used by app developers are evolving just as quickly. The important thing to keep in mind for any monetization strategy is to know your user base and make sure your techniques cater to their behaviors, emotions and tastes. When you can achieve that, the success and growth of your app will follow.


Podcast: Mobile Growth Intelligence

Peggy and Shahab welcome Prabhjot Singh, who co-founded Pyze, a mobile business intelligence platform that aims to help all app publishers become successful in developing healthy app businesses.


Subscriptions will feed the app world

Subscriptions pay model is growing faster than both pay-to-download (or premium apps), and freemium (apps with non-subscription in-app purchases). App publishers should consider using auto-renewable subscriptions where applicable in their monetization strategies.