Ring in 2022 By Adding Pyze Process Intelligence to OutSystems Applications

Pyze increases the business results of Low-Code Applications by providing automated insights to improve business processes, workflows, and product features. The OutSystems Integration measures if application business goals are achieved by automating process mining, detecting activity hotspots, identifying workflow bottlenecks, and surfacing opportunities for UX/UI improvements.

Pyze addresses the increasingly critical business needs to understand and optimize business process inefficiencies, increase the productivity of end-users, and continuously improve the applications on Outsystems.   Pyze automatically maps process journeys and surfaces opportunities to optimize end-to-end processes as well as improve task-level user experiences. Key-value propositions include:

•Automatically map end-to-end business processes and identify opportunities for optimization, productivity improvements, training needs, and application enhancements

•Measure aggregate business impact and usage metrics across business lines & functional areas to measure ROI and make data-driven resource allocation decisions

•Monitor the execution of business processes to assess cost per transaction, measure task execution times, identify hotspots and bottlenecks to prioritize features that deliver the most value

New Forge Components

We just released significant updates to Pyze Forge components across Reactive Web, Traditional Web, and Mobile platforms.

  • Integrated Page & Task metrics for Process Workflows
  • Page Level Usage & Performance Metrics
  • Simpler Deployment for Mobile

Integrated Page & Task metrics for Process Workflows

Visualize Process Maps and workflow variants across processes, tasks, and screens with a drag and drop deployment of Forge components. Pyze now makes it simple to zoom in from an end-to-end system that spans multiple applications to an isolated application or task to individual page performance. This now enables optimizing the entire process or customer journey at each level that matters – from the workflow to individual tasks to UX of a specific page.

Page and Screen Level Usage & Performance Metrics

Pyze now provides integrated Page and Screen level usage and performance metrics that provide insights into business performance, utilization, and performance metrics. Pyze now ships out of the box generated dashboards for application usage and page performance to optimize the lowest level components of process workflows.

Simpler Deployment for Mobile

No need to update iOS and Android applications to activate Pyze integration or push out custom instrumentation. Now, Pyze supports pushless updates that can be deployed to all mobile platforms without updates or new installations.